Once Upon a Time, A Bit Earlier


Over the years and through the centuries there have been hundreds of retellings and adaptations of fairy tales. There are multiple versions of the same tale, some recorded by the same author or authors. Why are there so many versions, with similarities and disparities?

In "Once Upon a Time, A Bit Earlier" the Evil Queen's Magic Mirror sets a plan in motion that disrupts the natural order of the fairy tales as we know them.  Through manipulation of time and magic, the stories as we know them shift and change. In "Once Upon a Time, A Bit Earlier" readers journey alongside our heroines and heroes as they seek to overcome his plot, and along the way, perhaps find answers to the greatest mysteries in all of fairy tales:  Why do these sorceresses so desperately want these little girls dead?  What is the ultimate destiny of these princesses? 

Can evil truly be overcome once and for all?