Following the success of "Once Upon a Future Time" we are opening submissions for "Once Upon a Future Time, Vol 2." This will be a second anthology of classic tales reimagined for a science fiction setting.

Submission requirements:
  • Stories must be all ages appropriate
  • Stories must be original in content (no plagiarism)
  • Stories are to be 15,000 words or less
  • Based upon a fairy tale or folk tale
  • Submission sent to prior to December 15th, 2018

All authors will receive feedback regarding their manuscripts. 

Those authors whose stories are selected for inclusion within "Once Upon a Future Time, Vol 2" will receive a $50 advance against royalties, a complimentary copy of the book, access to a special author discount rate for copies of the book." The agreement will be for a non-exclusive license to print the story in the anthology as well as an exclusive license for the audio book for 10 years, with the authors receiving a royalty for every copy sold to include print, electronic, and audio versions.