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The Brothers Uber

Once Upon a Future Time, Volume 3

Once Upon a Future Time, Volume 3

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How do you recognize the changeling that comes in the night?

Can an AI be kept asleep forever?

Where is the line between evil and motivated?

Explore answers to these questions and more as seventeen authors take us back to once upon a future time.

Explore new takes on classic myths and fairy tales as they are transformed into science fiction stories.

Once Upon a Future Time, Volume 3 presents seventeen reimagined folk and fairy tales as science fiction stories, featuring works from Elizabeth Brownell, Steven Lord, Erin Hall, Beth Goder, M.L. Martin, Catherine Berry, Devan Barlow, Ray Daley, Liam Hogan, Pamela Love, Kara Race-Moore, Lisa Short, AB Casadella, Michal Hoyt, Hannah Birss, J Hans Aron, and Terra P. Waters.

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